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TASEM: Empowering Young Sport Managers through Learning Mobility


Thanks to the support of the European Commission and Ooredoo, Save the Dream has developed a unique learning mobility project called “TASEM” (Training Athletes for Sports Events Management).

This project started in 2016 and will develop throughout 2017 with the aim of providing training on Sports Events Management and promoting a common understanding of ethical issues among participants. The programme will be delivered by academic organizations integrated in a consortium and targeting athletes and coaches affiliated to the Olympic Committees and National Federations involved.

The programme is providing scholarships and internships to athlete students from countries of the Mediterranean Basin, including Northern Africa and the Middle East.

TASEM is a partnership of 15 academic institutions and sport organisations from 9 European countries and 3 MENA national Olympic Committees (Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia) implementing a tailor-made innovative Master Degree targeting athletes and coaches from the Mediterranean basin and providing them with new educational and training opportunities in the field of sport management.

60 athletes and coaches from countries of the Mediterranean Basin, including 11 athletes and coaches from Algeria, Egypt, Syria and Tunisia have started their first educational sessions in September 2016 in Tarragona, Spain, which will be followed by other 8 sessions till the end of 2017.