Save the Dream is composed by a team with international backgrounds working under the leadership of ICSS Chairman and Save the Dream Founder Mohammed Hanzab.

  • Massimiliano Montanari

    Executive Director


    Massimiliano Montanari - formerly of the United Nations - is the Executive Director of Save the Dream. His experience is with international policies, diplomacy, social innovation and design of multisectoral programmes. In countries and organisations where he worked, Massimiliano has given priority to the development of common languages among different sectors and regional cooperation grounded on the principle of shared responsibilities for the promotion of common goods, such as security, justice and development.

    Massimiliano, who also serves as Chief of Cabinet of ICSS President, has undertaken the creation of initiatives to empower youth and civil society through the use of sport and sport values, including and particularly Save the Dream.

    Before joining the ICSS and Save the Dream, Massimiliano held a number of positions at the United Nations. He worked as the Head of the International Centre for Public-Private Security Policies based in in Lisbon, lead the International Permanent Observatory on Major Events Security and previously worked at the Terrorism Prevention Branch of UNODC in Vienna and the UN High Commission for Refugees in Geneva.

  • Siham Alawami

    Special Projects


    Siham Alawami is a public relations and communications professional. She spent 32 years at OPEC as a PR specialist. She has contributed to the development of TV programs and campaigns to promote the City of Vienna and its relations within the various Gulf countries as well as creating an understanding among the youth of Vienna. She has also worked as a print and television journalist and holds a Master’s degree in European Integration and European Studies from Webster University in Vienna.

  • Bahruz Balayev

    Global Outreach


    Bahruz Balayev is a former Edward S. Mason Fellow at Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government. He has experience working with youth on empowerment, adaptive leadership and effective decision-making. He previously held positions in various NGOs in the U.S. and Eastern Europe such as Oxfam International in New York. He received his J.S.D. (PhD in Law) and LL.M. (Masters in Law) in Human Rights and International Law from St. Thomas University Law School as well as a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard University.

  • Sakina Diab

    Social Innovation and Empowerment


    Sakina Diab is a development practitioner who developed her professional career with the United Nations in the field of peace building, socio-economic reintegration, community development and gender related programmes. She previously managed the UNDP’s Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) Programme in Eastern Sudan. She has also provided substantial support to UNFPA’s gender and emergency related projects in Northern Sudan and Darfur. She was one of the pioneers of the Aptech Computer Education Centres in Sudan which made a significant contribution to improving IT Education and related skills in the country. She holds a Master’s Degree in Peace and Development from Juba University and BSc Hon. from University of Khartoum.

  • Shafeeque Parakkuth

    Sport for Development


    ​Shafeeque Parakkuth is a versatile professional with international development and humanitarian background, and a proven track record in roles requiring strategic, analytical, research and communication skills. He has significant work experience in the field of community development, financial inclusion and disaster management. He holds a Master Degree in Islamic Finance from Hamad bin Khalifa University, Qatar and two Bachelor Degrees in Law and English Literature from two Indian universities.

  • Shabnam Hajiyeva

    Social Media


    Shabnam Hajiyeva is a development practitioner who develops her professional career with Save the Dream in the field of communication and social media. She holds a Master Degree in International Communication from IULM University of Milan.