Our Organization

Save the Dream has been conceived by the International Centre for Sport Security, in partnership with the Qatar Olympic Committee and Ooredoo, technology partner, to promote and protect the core values of sport for young people at a global level.

Since its launch in 2012, Save the Dream has gained overwhelming endorsements and support for its cause. We have built a strong coalition comprising sport persons, elite athletes, international bodies, sport and civil society organizations and many other entities who share our vision. We believe that, together, we can protect the purity of sport. We believe that, together, we can build better societies and educate our youth thanks to the values of sport. To this end, Save the Dream works to develop new ways to communicate with global societies and new ways to engage with youth.

Save the Dream is a way of living sport and recognizing the value it brings to all aspects of our lives and communities. It is a movement of people who have stepped up to their responsibility to build a better world, and who believe that sport values can be a worthwhile starting point.

Inspired by passion for the purity of sport and a strong belief in the power of fair play as a unifying force, we invite you to join us in our mission to transform our world through the true spirit of sport.